Howdy!  So, I decided to start a blog.  I often read a lot of other blogs for workout motivation, recipe’s, race reports, travel tips (I love to travel) or just to laugh and thought, hey, I can do that!

Not really sure what to write as my first blog.  I like to run.  I’ll be running my third Disneyland Half Marathon in 6 weeks.  I’m not entirely prepared for it, my mileage increase in my training has been a little off.  But I have been cross-training and hoping that will get me through 13.1 miles.  Well, that and the mouse high-five near the finish line!

I may do some old posts that I wrote about prior to me actually having a blog, like my Disney Cruise I took in 2012 or past vacations. Hopefully, it won’t be a total bore to read!