Happy Saturday! This morning was great.
Got up, went to kickboxing…kicked my booty for an hour. Then decided since I probably won’t fit in my 5 mile long run thats scheduled for tomorrow I would try running after kickboxing. I did 3 miles and it actually felt pretty good!
Still smiling after my workout! Ha

Then it was time to take Bella for a walk. I felt bad since I had been gone for a couple of hours, so we took the big hill up to the park and she got HER workout in too.
Bella on the way up the hill!

Now I’m ready to start my birthday week off with a bang! Tonight the BFF, BBE and I will be headed to a German restaurant for some bratwurst and beer and there will be a polka band there too. I’m planning on wearing my polka dot dress for fun (get it…lol). I just bought it at http://www.shopruche.com and realized it may be a dangerous website. Their stuff is so cute!

Oh, and countdown to all my half marathon’s coming up! Gotta keep the training going.

Till next post!