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Run Disney posted this question on their Twitter this morning and I followed the link to watch one of the most inspiring videos:

Then I got to thinking, why DO I Run Disney?
Well, let’s get this out of the way, I love Disney. Like, a lot.

Though, in my teenage/early 20’s years, I wouldn’t run if you paid me. I was a dancer. I majored in dance in college, got my BA and have been teaching dance for years in addition to my “day job”.

Then I met Rob. Rob is my boyfriend, a.k.a best boyfriend ever, a.k.a BBE and he does triathlons. Off-road Xterra triathlons. After years of going to races and cheering him on, watching men and women cross the finish line with their families, reaching their goals. Watching challenged athletes overcome whatever their challenge was and finishing. I thought, hey, I should start doing something that has a finish line. A goal. I mean why not right?

Skip to September 2010 at the Disneyland Half Marathon and 5K run. I had only signed up for the 5k as I was still pretty new to the whole running thing. Rob opted to do the half marathon. The 5k gave you a cool rubber medal, but the half marathon gave you an AWESOME medal. I had to have it!

2010 5k VandN
My sister came out to support us!

2010 5k RandN
Rob running his first Disney Half!

So we signed up for the January 2011 Half Marathon in Disneyworld. I was un-trained, but motivated. I finished in 2:55 and man, was I sore the next day.
2011 Half
Our pre-race 2:30am picture

2011 Half Bling
My FIRST Disney Half Marathon medal!

Fast Forward to September 2011 back at Disneyland. I was trained, I was motivated and I was ready. Not only for my half marathon medal, but for my Coast to Coast medal! I finished in 2:15! Amazing what a little training will do.
2011 Dland Half

Now we do the Disneyland Half every September and the Tinkerbell half every January and I love it! I do want to get back to Florida, but we like to travel other places too, so budgeting is always on the mind, but someday! I really want to do the Wine and Dine Half.

Tinkerbell 2012 Half
2012 Inaugural Tinkerbell!

2012 Disneyland Half
2012 Disneyland Half Marathon

Tinkerbell 2013
2013 Tinkerbell Half Marathon

I have yet to find a race with as much fanfare, buzz, energy and excitement as a Run Disney race.

I never thought I would love running, but it’s growing on me and with Disney always a motivating factor, I can only see my love of running to continue!

And a special thank you to the BBE for continuing to go on this Run Disney journey with me! I’m lucky he likes Disneyland.

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