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Today I’m sharing my gluten free macaroni pasta and chicken sausage recipe, a.k.a lazy Sunday dinner.

I call it my lazy summer recipe because it only takes about 30 minutes to cook. Super easy and super yummy.

Ingredients needed:
1 box Lundberg brown rice pasta – I chose elbow for this particular dinner, but you can choose whichever shape you’d prefer. We use this brand a lot and it’s very tasty.
1/2 container of Bertoli Pasta Sauce
1 package of Jennie-O Sweet Italian Turkey Sausage


This is it! This is all you need. Seriously.

As much as I would love to make my own pasta sauce, this is a lazy night dinner, so I choose Bertoli because it is comprised of very simple ingredients and NO soy. Which, if you start reading labels, a lot of products have soy. Because of my boyfriends intolerance to gluten and soy, we really try to avoid any products that contain soy.


Heat frying pan to medium heat. I like to remove the turkey sausage from the casings.

Once the meat is in the pan, I break it up using a wooden spoon so they are in small pieces and let the meat cook all the way through, no pink leftover, for about 20 minutes.


Meanwhile, boil water in a large pot and follow the directions on the Lundberg box to boil the pasta. It’s pretty straightforward, just like any other pasta.



Once the pasta is finished, drain the pasta


Combine all cooked ingredients; pasta, turkey sausage, and sauce in the large pot and mix together.


Voila! You have a yummy and filling dinner. This should serve 4.


The turkey is already seasoned in the package, so you really don’t need a whole lot of seasonings, but I do add some salt and pepper for taste. I also, almost always, like to have some mixed greens with my dinner.

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