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Yay! The 10k Disneyland Half Marathon and 10k course have been posted.

Half Marathon Course

10k Course

Looks like the half course is what we have done in the past. The first few miles through the park, running through the castle (one of my most favorite parts)! Then off to the “historic streets” of Anaheim. Basically where all the warehouses are…not my favorite part. Though, last year, during a particularly long strip of boring, around mile 6-8, they had a ton of classic cars on the course and that was a good distraction for me.

Then comes mile 9, Angels Stadium! Always my most exciting part and where I need the most spectator energy to get my legs to keep working. After running through the stadium come the worst 3 miles, the final 3 miles. Then, the finish!! Hopefully, I can give Mickey a hi-five again this year.

The 10k course looks fun and mostly through the parks. Seems to start in California Adventure and then through Disneyland and looks like we get to have some “backstage” time as well. I always like seeing the backstage. Brings out the Disney dork in me.

The official program is also on the Run Disney website:

As well as tracker information for any runner you may be following:

And corral assignments:
Dumbo Double Dare

Half Marathon


Looks like I’m in Corral C this year for the half marathon and Rob is in Corral A – speedy speederson.

Yahoo!! Can’t wait to get 3 out of 4 of these medals in less than a month.


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