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Ahhh, hot power yoga. An hour and a half of sweaty hot poses. Chaturanga, downward dog, pigeon pose (my favorite), planks and other fun stuff.

I discovered doing hot yoga a couple of years ago. I always switch back and forth from hot to regular yoga, but when I’m in the throws of half marathon training my body LOVES hot yoga. It’s like a warm blanket wraps around you as soon as you walk into the room and you only get warmer as you go. 105 degrees of pure fun.

Not only do I love how my muscles feel after a yoga class, but I find an intention at the beginning of class and stick with it through the class. I have actually taken this idea and put it towards my run training.

During training runs and races sometimes my intention is to run faster, sometimes my intention is run smarter, and sometimes it’s just to finish standing upright!

Yoga is one of my favorite cross training for its stretching and core strengthening properties. One of my goals is to do a head stand. Without a wall. Someday!!

I’ll be back to running on Thursday! Tomorrow is teaching ballet day and then fun night out on Wednesday is planned.

Gotta stay balanced! Namaste for reading.

AND, it’s officially ONE MONTH out until we head to Disneyland!!


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