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Sometimes on a run, I get competitive. There is no race, there is no medal, there is no recorded time, but I see someone…and I want to pass them!

Today on my 3+ mile training run, I did just that. I was at about 1 and 3/4 mile into my run and I spotted a guy running in front of me. He stayed in eye view for a long time, so I figured, hey, I can pass that guy. So, I picked up the pace. I was closing the gap, reeling him in. Then came the hill. It’s not a HUGE hill, but I feel any hill is hard when I’m running. So, here I am, getting closer, and on the hill, I get faster and close the gap even more. Now, I’m only about 10 feet behind him. And then, I passed him! In my head I did a happy dance and a woo-hoo!

All the while, I’m pretty sure the guy had no idea I was trying to pass him and in all honesty, I don’t need him to know. I just know, I passed him and that’s all that matters to me.

A lot of running, I think, is all in the head and to me it’s all about the little victories. Like passing random strangers.

Happy training!!

Getting closer to Disneyland!!

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