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Hmmm, I was a little bit behind on workouts this week. I had THREE rest days. That’s just silly, but it is what it is, so here goes.

Saturday – Kickboxing
Sunday – 7 mile run
Monday – Rest (no yoga, such a bummer)
Tuesday – Taught ballet for 3 hours
Wednesday – 3.4 mile run
Thursday – Rest
Friday – Rest

I’m feeling a little like I have to make up for missing out on prime workout time, but stuff comes up and happens, so nothing I can do about it now. Just need to keep moving forward!

Can’t wait for my 8 miler this coming Sunday. Well, I can wait, but the sooner I get it over with, well, it’s over.

On another note, I was checking out the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon Las Vegas, which I’m already signed up for and they have a pre-party. I’m curious how people will do after possibly partying in Vegas all weekend and then running 13.1 miles. Actually, I’m curious how I will do after “partying” all weekend. I put that in quotes because I’m not much of a partier, but hey, who knows?! We shall see!

Has anyone does this race?

Still on countdown. We’re almost into the teens for Disney! Yay!!