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It’s done! 9 miles complete. My last long run until Dumbo Double Dare Challenge! And I saw a cute little furry bug around mile 5 1/2 and I couldn’t help but pause to take a picture.


I started at 8am this morning, it was slightly cloudy, but the sun came out quick and it got warm fast. As I was running there were a TON of gnats out. Like huge clusters of gnats. I had a “Friends” moment while I was trying to bat them away.

As a lot of you may know, I love the TV show Friends. Like love it. I have a habit of comparing many real life situations to episodes (I know them all).

So as I was swatting the gnats away, I had a Phoebe running flashback:

Sometimes, around mile 6 or 7 i do like to do a little Phoebe style running too to loosen it up. It’s always fun, especially since my body has been in the same running position for an hour or so. And, honestly, no one looks good running, so nobody really cares if you loosen it up with some Phoebe style.

Happy running everyone!

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P.S. Two weeks from today at this time I will be done with the Disneyland Half Marathon! I can’t believe it’s so soon 🙂