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As the Disneyland Half gets closer (3 sleeps away!!), I can’t help but acknowledge the damage it did to me last year.

I had a PR of 2:14:00 last year at the Disneyland Half, which was awesome, but afterward I noticed the inside of my left shin was hurting. I ignored it, figured it would go away and took a little break from running. I continued with yoga and zumba though, which was probably not the best idea.

Then my mom, sister and I went on the Disney Cruise. My leg was still hurting, but I figured the pain would go away eventually and I decided to run the Castaway Cay 5k. I mean, how could I not?? A Run Disney event that was INCLUDED in the price of the cruise? That’s crazy talk.
You can check out my cruise trip report here:

I finished, but it hurt!

I finished, but it hurt!

During that run, my leg started hurting so bad I had to walk a lot of it and ended up limping the rest of the trip. Including our all day walking at Epcot and Magic Kingdom, which was painful. Something was definitely wrong.

When I returned I headed straight for the doctor. He diagnosed me with Anterior Tibial Tendinitis and prescribed a boot and no running for 6 weeks! UGH. It was awful. But I did it and along with physical therapy with a sports medicine doc it healed and I was back up and running in January, slowly, but surely.



Now, I have been very diligent about stretching and icing after EVERY workout and rolling out on the foam roller. So far, so good.

I’m feeling good about this half coming up and I know I have trained and prepped as best I can to avoid another injury!

My fingers and toes are crossed for me and for everyone to have a great injury free run out there!

We're in the home stretch!

We’re in the home stretch!