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Since it has been a week since the Double Double Dare, and I can finally walk normally again, I started to think about what my favorite and not so favorite things about last weekend were.

I’ll start with the cons:
1) Let’s start with the weather. It was SOOOOO hot. According to Accuweather.com, the weather in Anaheim on Sunday, Sep 1st Actual Temp 96° Lo 76° with about 79% humidity. Ouch. It made for a very challenging run, both for the 10k and the Half Marathon. I’m pretty sure Disney will find a way to someday air condition all of Anaheim, until then, we are at the mercy of mother nature.

2) The crowds. Disney is crowded, it kind of comes with the territory. But the crowds were in full force last weekend, starting with the Expo. There were so many people that it was hard to even see which line went where. Then the crowds for the corral’s at the 10k were a little confusing. I think Disney is still working out the kinks with adding a new race to the weekend, so I’m pretty sure that is where all the crowd issues were stemming from, but it was a little overwhelming.

3) Speaking of crowds at the expo, there were so many people there that there ended up being NO Dumbo merchandise left for me to buy. It was a little disappointing, since I really wanted a shirt or something, but all were gone by the time we decided to go back to the expo. Though, it did end up saving me money, so maybe, in hindsight, it was a pro…

The Pro’s of last week:
1) Being part of an inaugural race is always cool! We got a neat medal (three neat medals in total), and 3 t-shirts. Plus to be a part of the first time the race happens always feels like a special treat.

2) The people. For the most part, the people that participate in these races are so excited and pumped to be there. Whether you’re standing in line for something or…well, mostly when you’re standing in line, we seem to do that a lot here, people are great to talk to and make the time go by quickly. Also, the volunteers at these races are awesome. They are always friendly and helpful and I’m so appreciative to them for being at the water stations and to those ones at the finish line who sprayed me with water…THANK YOU!!

3) You’re running at Disneyland! Plus, you can plan an entire vacation around doing a race. As much as everything says to rest your legs and take it easy before doing a half marathon, how can you possibly do that at Disneyland?? Honestly, I have no idea. But it’s pretty priceless to be able to run with 17,000 of your “closest friends” through the Happiest Place on Earth. Can’t compete with that.

In the end, I always come away from these races inspired and ready to run some more! I’ve already gotten back into my workout routine to get ready a few smaller races coming up and for Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon.

Next step is to figure out how to make an Elvis running costume…hmmmm

Picture c/o Wikipedia

Picture c/o Wikipedia