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I may be the only one, but I highly doubt it, to notice that sometimes people just aren’t friendly when I’m out running. I like to run in a fairly populated area, there are usually a good amount of people I pass and I enjoy smiling and saying hello! If it’s a morning run, I say good morning. I do it for safety too, I like to look someone in the eye and make sure I know what they look like…just in case I ever need to describe them to someone. I can be a little paranoid…

For the most part, I get people that either smile or say hello. Some fellow runners will give me a thumbs up and say “keep it up” or “good job”! But then there are some that just stare straight ahead. I know they heard me, I smiled, I said hello, but no acknowledgement. I always wonder why that is. Are people just anti-social? Do people think I’m crazy? Does my outfit not match? So many reasons.

I smile A LOT..maybe people think I'm too smiley...

I smile A LOT..maybe people think I’m too smiley…

So, tonight, on my run, I decided to do a little experiment to see how many people say hello back. My reasons for this are two-fold.
1) I was curious, do I get so tired while running that in my head more people are ignoring my friendly hello than not?
2) What the heck else do I have to do while running 4 miles? Might as well count! FYI, counting while running 4 miles is not as easy as I thought it would be…LOL

Out of 39 people I saw out on my run tonight, only 11 did NOT say hello or acknowledge my hello back. And actually one guy was on a horse and I’m pretty sure the horse smiled at me too, so 40 total!

My faith in humanity has been restored. People are more friendly than I thought. Thank goodness.

QOTD: Do you like to say hello to people while you’re out running or are you focused on your run?