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Hit or miss, I’d say this week was a miss. Plagued by headaches and fatigue, my body was screaming at me for a break, so I gave it one. I felt guilty for not getting all of my workouts in, but nothing I can do about it now, the week is over and what’s done is done. Just need to suck it up and move on.

Saturday – Walking, hiking, cheering for the boyfriend in Xterra National Championships in Utah
Sunday – Rest
Monday – Arms
Tuesday – Teaching Ballet Class – 3 hours
Wednesday – 3 mile run…I wrote a little bit about finding motivation to get outside:
Thursday – Rest – darn headache
Friday – Rest – again with the headache…I hope it goes away soon!

I feel like this coming week is my week. Plus I just realized that I have 6 weeks left until Vegas, so I need to get these runs in! Got a 7 miler to do on Sunday…I CAN DO IT! YES!

Countdown is on!

Countdown is on!