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I recently applied and was accepted to being a Swirlgear Ambassador! This company is pretty cool. Most of you know how important it is to me that I like my running clothes. It’s a big motivator to get me out on my runs sometimes! So, I looked into this company and it’s based in Chicago and still a start up, but they have the cutest stuff.

If you’re interested in trying out any of the clothes they have on their website: http://www.swirlgear.com, please use this code for FREE SHIPPING…on me 🙂 swirlon

I have the pink long-sleeved hoodie (LOVE IT)

And the yellow cap-sleeved top – which I’ve worn for running and yoga and it’s perfect for both!

After my 3 mile run this week!

After my 3 mile run this week!

I’m hoping to purchase the shorts they have soon. If you have any questions about the products that I DO have, please let me know!