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In the three years or so that I have been running, I have NEVER run on a treadmill. How is that possible you ask? Well, for one, the first couple of years of me running, I just didn’t run when it started to get dark early outside. Lazy, yes, but it’s what I did. Then last year, probably the first year I would have continued the training in fall/winter, I was injured, in a walking boot and in physical therapy all through winter.

So, this is the year! The year I hop on a treadmill and start going. I’m a little nervous. I’m not really very coordinated (which is funny, since I dance, but dancing is so much easier than walking in a straight line). I’m super clumsy, run into walls that have been there for years (it moved, I swear)!

My question is, for those of you who do runs on your treadmill, what do you do to keep yourself occupied while running since there is no change in scenery? Have you ever had a treadmill accident (I’m serious, I’m kind of worried about this)?

Once the time changes and I will HAVE to continue my run training on a treadmill, I will post on whether or not I was able to stay on or if I sustain some crazy, clumsy treadmill injury…knock on wood.

QOTD: Any treadmill advice before I embark on this journey??

Still on countdown for my upcoming races!! And I have a local race coming up on Sunday. Keep an eye out for a race report on that one coming soon.