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I should really just call this entry “Training Derailment” because that’s how I feel I should sum up this entire week…
Saturday – Laid on what felt like my deathbed all day long
Sunday – Did the same as I did on Saturday
Monday – Called in sick to work – decided to go to the doctor since I felt WORSE than I did the prior days – got antibiotics (miracle drugs)
Tuesday – Starting to feel more like myself, thank you miracle drugs, taught ballet for 3 hours
Wednesday – Took it easy, got through a full day of work!
Thursday – At about 90% recovery – taught ballet for 2 hours
Friday – About 95% – still have a cough – thinking I might try yoga tomorrow morning and see how the lungs handle it!

I was SUPPOSED to do 10 miles last week as my final long run before the Las Vegas RnR next weekend, but the sickness got in the way. I haven’t run since October 28th…so, I’m getting a little nervous. I’m going to try and go for a run Sunday morning. Just an easy 2 miler and see how my lungs handle it.

Fingers crossed!!

If you missed it, please check out my review of ips All Natural Chips that I posted this week! Keep an eye out as there will be a giveaway of all the chip flavors I posted about…Blog Giveaway on the way!

Also, my fiancé (still kind of weird typing that) posted a race report about his Xterra World Championship experience, so please click on the link to check it out! If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to do an off-road triathlon, like an Xterra, this is the race report to read. 🙂

On a happy note, I’m excited about Las Vegas! I mean, I’m nervous, but before I got sick I was really on top of my training…that can’t disappear in two weeks of training derailment right??

Still on countdown!

QOTD: Anyone else going to be in Vegas for the half?? If so, how’s your training been going?