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I know a lot of you are aware of my love for Run Disney. Not only do I run as many half marathons put on by Run Disney as I can, I also had our engagement pictures taken at Disneyland. I am a Disney addict. I’ve even written an entire post on why I run Disney.

Which is why it was so hard for me to choose not to sign up for the new Avengers Half Marathon.

A couple of reasons I didn’t sign up:
1) I’m not a huge Avengers fan. I’m more of a classic Disney character fan…though I wouldn’t be opposed to doing a Star Wars Run Disney Race…hint hint…
2) The race is in November and honestly, I would love to do Disneyland during the holiday’s without the big crowds from a half marathon race
3) Getting married this year is making quite the dent in my bank account, which means I may have to back off on the whole registering for things

That being said, I have made a HUGE decision…I’m going Goofy in 2015! Those of you unfamiliar with Goofy, it is a half marathon on Saturday and a MARATHON on Sunday. Yup. I said it. I’m going to do a marathon!! I’m so freaked out about it, but I have this urge that doesn’t seem to go away. I need to do at least one in my life (it will probably be a one and done for me), but I figured what better marathon to do than a Run Disney one?

Courtesy of Run Disney

Courtesy of Run Disney

So, now that I have said it out loud, it is official. I am doing it. There is NO backing out now.

All I have to do is be prepared to sign up for Goofy before it sells out since it’s an anniversary race. Then get those long runs going…26 miles here I come!!

QOTD: Have you run a marathon? How did you feel when you started training for your first one?