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I don’t travel a ton for work. Maybe about 3-5 times a year. When I’m traveling for work, I ALWAYS try to workout.

It always seems, when I am on a business trip for a meeting, I eat A LOT – breakfast, AM break, lunch, PM break, dinner (usually with wine/alcohol), sleep and repeat.

I also love playing tourist and when I’m traveling for work, I don’t always have some extra time to take a walk around the city and see the sites. So, I usually get up early and run!

What better way to see the sites and, frankly, burn off some of those calories that i consume during the trip??

This past week, I was in Chicago and went with a co-worker at 6:30am, ran out towards Lake Michigan, saw the big silver bean thingy and got a taste of some Chicago wind! Brrrr….


I have done this in Boston, Scottsdale, Miami, San Diego and New York City.

NYC was especially awesome, running through Times Square at 6am, it was EMPTY!

There has been some weather limitations, like last year in Salt Lake City. There was snow and ice and I have never really run in that type of weather, so I stuck with the hotel gym and did some elliptical.

I’ve found a ton of benefits to foregoing an extra 45 minutes of sleep to get up and go for a run. 🙂

QOTD: If you travel for work, do you make it a point to get up early for a workout? Do you try and make your route pass by some tourist attractions or do you stick to the gym?