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It has been quite the last couple of months. Between planning a wedding, planning a large work function and just living life, I feel a little bit like I’m going uphill.

I don’t know about you, but when I see a hill while I’m running, I can feel my heart to race a bit. It doesn’t even have to be a big hill, any hill with garner a reaction.

You’re breathing increases, legs start to ache a bit and you wonder, when will this hill end?

Sometimes, the hardest hills are the very small inclines. The ones that you barely know it’s a hill, until you start running on it and you feel the increase of breathing and pain.

As I climb these hills…of life, if you will, I feel the correlation between getting through these challenges and getting to the top of the hill.

Once you’re at the top, your breathing steadies, your legs start to feel normal again and you’re ready to pick up the pace.

I’m ready for the moment of calm to pick up the pace again and feel the wind in my hair!

So here is to getting to the top and enjoying the view!!

Get that Hill!!

Get that Hill!!

QOTD: Do you take the hills head on or are you a slow and steady hill runner?