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This weekend I hit two milestones. One in my running life and one in my regular life.

On Saturday, during my 7-mile run, I passed 1,000 miles total run since I started running in 2010/2011. It’s actually possible I hit that milestone a while ago, but I didn’t have Nike + until a little after I started running. So, I’m going by the mileage that has actually been tracked.

Some things I’ve learned that last 1,000 miles:

1) The right shoes are maybe the most important things for running. Get fitted correctly and make sure your shoes work for you and your body.

2) Stretching is the second most important. Don’t forget to stretch out after a run. Also, if you haven’t gotten a foam roller yet…do it.

3) Stay hydrated throughout the day. Water is good.

4) Try to enjoy the run. What’s the point for being outside for an hour if you can’t enjoy the nature surrounding you?

4 digits!

4 digits!

Victory jump!!

Victory jump!!

After the 7 mile run, I got ready for my bridal shower! I had the most wonderful time with family and friends. It was everything I imagined it to be. It was tea party themed and wonderful.







No races until July 4th and then the Napa to Sonoma Half in mid-July. Just keep increasing mileage slowly and looking forward to my next half!

QOTD: Have you hit any milestones you’re proud of?