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I was super lucky to be invited to a blogger event for Tribesports Performance Wear this last weekend. I had not previously known about Tribesports before, but they were offering an opportunity to try out their workout wear and do a one hour fun workout in SF, how could I say no?

Tribesports is a collaborative company that relies heavily on community input to make the best possible performance wear out there. It originated in the UK and now is available in the US for purchase. I mean, who would of thunk to actually ASK people what they wanted out of their workout wear, right? Kind of a novel idea and kind of brilliant too.

They also make super high quality performance wear. If you’re interested in checking out their production, click HERE.

I chose to try out this top

And these leggings

I got to SF around 8:15am on Saturday morning. The workout was taking place at Washington Square Park and started at 8:45, so I had some time to walk around and be shocked by the line at Mama’s Cafe…has anyone ever been there? What they heck do they put in their food to be able to maintain a line like that?? But I digress.

A little chilly, but a beautiful morning in SF at Washington Square Park

A little chilly, but a beautiful morning in SF at Washington Square Park



I spotted the Tribesports reps, Jenna and Cags and got my clothes to change into. I have to say, the clothes are super cute. I got a medium in pants, which I MAY have been able to fit into a small, since there was a little room to grow, but they were super comfy. The top fit perfect. I loved the back too. Stylish and comfy, two of my favorite things.

Once all of the bloggers were there we met the rep and the instructor from Vint as they were leading the workout for us. Vint is a cool app that you download that connects you with personal trainers near you. They have a bunch of different options; running, yoga, martial arts and even dance. Which is what we did! A little hip hop anyone??

We started with a little warm-up and then a lovely massage circle! LOL, gotta have some relaxation before shaking the booty.



Getting ready to boogie!

Getting ready to boogie!

We were taught a really simple hip hop routine that was super fun and definitely worked up a sweat for everyone. It was great and I LOVED my outfit I was wearing. First of all, we were told that the shirts are actually made a little longer than most other workout shirts, which is awesome, because it didn’t ride up on me once. The shirt and leggings were super breathable and totally move with you, which is always a good thing.

Working the pony

Working the pony

After we finished up our workout we were given some yummy coconut water and aloe vera Project Juice.

Showing off the top and capris and the shorts and jacket with the blogger of http://blessedwiththunderthighs.com

Showing off the top and capris and the shorts and jacket with the blogger of http://blessedwiththunderthighs.com

The back of the top...loved it!

The back of the top…loved it!



Once we were cooled down we learned that Tribesports has partnered with National Fitness Campaign for the Fitness Court Challenge. This is a FREE event that happens on October 25th.

If you’re interested in attending, you just need to sign up at Eventbrite:

Fitness Court Challenge!

Fitness Court Challenge!

Definitely something to check out if you’re in town!

We were sent home with a bag of goodies, a Tribesports towel, some INWORK Workout cards, Clif Bar, Vint water bottle, Mojo Bar and Bitty, which, I have never heard of before, but it’s made from cricket flour…for real…I haven’t tried those yet. LOL…


In the meantime, if you’re interested in trying out Tribesports you can actually get a 20% discount if you:

1) Go to tribesports.com
2) Enter the code: NICOLE20

Let me know if you decide to try out their product, I’d love to hear how you all like it!

Next weekend is the Nike Half! SO EXCITED 🙂

QOTD: Do you have a favorite piece of workout wear?? Which brand is it?