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That’s a duh statement right?  I just didn’t know how difficult it actually would be.

2014 had many ups and a few downs.  The downs seemed to hit me all at once towards the end of the year.

I injured my foot.  Just as that was starting to get better and I was getting back into a running routine, I hit my head and had a mild concussion (thank you klutzy self).

THEN, as if that wasn’t enough, I got a seriously debilitating migraine on Christmas day complete with not being able to keep any food or water down and the most terrible pain I’ve ever had in my head that landed me in the ER for the day. Thank you to my husband and mom who sat with me for hours while the doctors pumped me with medication to try and knock out the headache.  It was really awful.

My ET phone home finger in the hospital

My ET phone home finger in the hospital

Thankfully, my family mostly celebrates on Christmas Eve, so at least I didn’t miss out on the family fun.

Now, I am two weeks away from running my first marathon, terrified because the longest run I have done is 16 miles…10.2 miles off what I actually am supposed to finish in two weeks AND I haven’t run consistently for almost 3 weeks.

Good grief.

In the next few days, I am planning to do a 2014 “Year in Review” and I think that will give me some confidence, because I know have run more than I ever have in the past, this year.  I completed several 5k’s and 10k’s and the most half marathons I have ever done.

I hope everyone had a much merrier Christmas than I did and hope if you are training for Goofy or any marathon coming up, you are having a better time than I.

One of that happier Christmas memories...our Christmas Tree

One of the happier Christmas memories…our Christmas Tree

I just have to keep the faith in my past training and hope for the best that I can be up and running again soon.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll do a short and easy one.

QOTD:  Are you training for a marathon or have trained for a marathon and experienced some setbacks?  How did you deal with it?