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Oh man…2:45am this morning…so sleepy, but ready for my first 26.2 miles!

We got ready and took our time a little bit more this morning, since we had an idea from the morning before on the timing of everything.

Off we went to grab a bus at around 3:20am and we were back to where we were yesterday.  Felt a little like de ja vu except it wasn’t as cold as it was on half marathon morning.

Goofy is ready to run!

Goofy is ready to run!

We did the regular routine of using the porta potties, finishing some snacks and beginning the pilgrimage to the start line.


Corral fun!

Corral fun!

IMG_4445 IMG_4447 IMG_4450

We got to the start about 10 minutes prior to the first corral starting.  We watched all the fireworks again…yay!  Then we were OFF!

The first 6 miles are practically identical to the first 6 miles of the half marathon and really, who gets tired of running down main street and through the castle at Magic Kingdom?  Not me!

Watch out for choo choo's!

Watch out for choo choo’s!



After exiting Magic Kingdom we headed out to the Speedway, which was kind of cool!  There were a bunch of different cars on display and the crowd spread out a bit, so it felt like we could breathe a little.  at about mile 9.5 or so we headed out towards Animal Kingdom.

Between the speedway and Animal Kingdom we passed by the waste management area and woo-wee, the smells were intense.  On the plus side, we did see a huge bald eagle fly over our head and perch on a tree.  Awesome!

I could actually smell Animal Kingdom before we were in it.  We got into the park 15 minutes before it opened and thought about waiting in line for Expedition Everest and ride it, but I was kind of in a groove and didn’t want to stop.  There was a line of runners waiting though, so I know a bunch of runners did it!  Way to go!

Out of Animal Kingdom and we hit our halfway point.  I was feeling it.  Just 13.1 more to go right?

Around mile 14 we stopped for a picture with the gravediggers.  So fun!

Around mile 14 we stopped for a picture with the gravediggers. So fun!

Since we’re in the middle, let me tell you, we started running 25 minutes run/1 minute walk.  Around mile 10 or so we took it down to 15 minutes run/2 minute walk, then around mile 17 we took it to 10 minute run/3 minute walk (which, toward the end, turned into a 5-7 minute walk).  I think this method of run/walk is why I wasn’t as sore as I thought I would be after the race!

After Animal Kingdom we headed toward ESPN Wide World of Sports and as we were running around there it started to rain.  At this point, mile 19ish, I started to lose it.  Lose steam, lose motivation, lose desire, but I kept putting one foot in front of the other to continue on our 10 minute run/5 minute walk.

After we exited ESPN, we were past 20 miles which is still incredible for me to even think I was at 20 miles!  Only 6 more to go.

Starting to feel it...

Starting to feel it…

We headed toward Hollywood Studios and got to mile 22.something and they were handing out mini chocolate bars.  Rob encouraged me to take a couple.  He had one and had a major rush!  I took one and started crying.  LOL.  I believe this is what people call the wall.  I was just in so much pain, so tired, so sick of eating gels, ready to be done.  Thank goodness for Rob being there for me, with words of encouragement and not making me feel like a big dork with the tears.

Running through Hollywood Studios

Running through Hollywood Studios

A quick stop at ,mile 22 to feel a little more incredible!

A quick stop at ,mile 22 to feel a little more incredible!

Once I got myself under semi-control we shuffled on to Epcot.  We entered and went all around the world.  There was a really great crowd that helped SO much!  While we were in Epcot the rain picked up again.

This was a low point...

This was a low point…

Rob saying some encouraging words to me

Rob saying some encouraging words to me


Picking up the pace in the rain!

Picking up the pace in the rain!

As we reached the entrance to Epcot, our exit, the rain was coming down fairly hard and there was this super heroic music playing in the background, I was ready to cross that finish line!

Once we exited, we passed the gospel choir and made it over to the finish line, where I proceeded to yell out, “THAT WAS SO HARD!”  I balled like a baby.  I couldn’t believe I had completed 26.2 miles!



It wasn’t fast, we finished a little under 6 hours, but it is an amazing thing what the mind and body can accomplish, because let’s be honest, 26.2 miles is physical, but its VERY mental.

Rob gave me a huge hug and we got our marathon medals.  We took our photo’s and then headed to the Goofy tent.  Once we got there, they checked our bib number against our photo’s we took at the expo and in we went to grab our Goofy Medals!



My feet were in such pain, I just wanted to get off of them as quickly as possible, so we grabbed our food, changed into our warm clothes we brought in our gear bag and hopped on the bus to get back to the hotel.

Once showered and changed, I didn’t want to sit for too long for fear of cramping up.  We headed to Magic Kingdom with out Goofy Medals!

I love seeing people wear their medals to the park, it’s so fun to congratulate fellow runners for completing the 5k, 10k, half marathon, full marathon, Goofy and the Dopey!

Medal and Magic Kingdom fun!

Medal and Magic Kingdom fun!

For dinner we had reservations at Be Our Guest, oh my goodness, if you haven’t had a chance to eat here, you MUST!  It was so delicious, and the design was awesome.  We got to sit in the East Wing room, with the lightening and the rose.  Also, the scallops and shrimp in lobster sauce and a puff pastry was amazing.  Plus, of course, for dessert, I had to try the grey stuff and it was indeed delicious!  Rob got the triple chocolate cupcake and he loved it.

IMG_4462 IMG_4463 _MG_3229 _MG_3232 _MG_3235 _MG_3236 _MG_3239



We never found Goofy to take a picture with him, but we did find this and took our pics with it.


I don’ know if I’ll ever do a marathon again, but it may not be a bad idea to try one without doing a half marathon the day before.  I do know I couldn’t have asked for a better, more magical place to experience my first marathon than Disney World.

QOTD:  Have you run the Goofy or Dopey?  How did you like it?  Was it your first marathon??

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