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Oh Run Disney weekends are my favorite weekends!

My husband Rob and I have been doing the Tinkerbell Half Marathon since its inception which makes us “perfect pixies” (not sure if that is an actual term, but I just like calling my husband a perfect pixie), so we had to continue the tradition and sign up for this year.

We got to Anaheim late Friday night.  We went straight to bed and were up Saturday morning to get over to the Health Expo and pick up our bib and t-shirts.  We had a breakfast reservation at 9:50am, so we kind of hustled quickly through everything.  We didn’t even go to the merchandise area only because I had read on some of the Facebook groups I follow that they were pretty much picked clean by Thursday.  Probably best anyway, I don’t NEED any extra stuff.  LOL…

IMG_6094 IMG_6082 IMG_6083 IMG_6091 IMG_6092  IMG_6085 IMG_6089 IMG_6090

We spent the day at the parks.  It was pretty crowded, partly because of the race and, I’m guessing partly because it was Mother’s Day Weekend.  We had breakfast at Carnation Cafe (LOVED IT) and then went off in search of some rides.


IMG_6208 IMG_6112 IMG_6118

We were able to get on Haunted Mansion, the line was ridiculously long because it was the first weekend of the return of the Hatbox Ghost!  I don’t think I have ever stood in a line that long for the Haunted Mansion before, but I do love that ride, so it was totally worth it.

IMG_6105 IMG_6106

We actually skipped Pirates because the line was SO long!  We meandered around, got on some more rides and then headed to CA Adventure.

IMG_6130 IMG_6131 IMG_6210

Have you had the lobster nachos at Cove Bar?  If you haven’t YOU MUST!  They were so delicious…I want some right now.


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention above, the third reason I imagine it was so crowded was because there was a movie premiere happening on Saturday!  Tomorrowland starring George Clooney had their red (well it was blue, but still) carpet happen at 5:30ish, so we stood and watched some stars walk down the carpet.  We saw several, of course I don’t know their names, but they looked familiar!  The only photo we got was of Cindy Crawford who is as beautiful in person as she is in photo’s.

Cindy Crawford

Alas, we had an Indiana Jones fastpass and, to be perfectly honest, I was not willing to miss it to see George Clooney.  So off we went!

We were back at the hotel and laid everything out for the next morning.

4:00am and we were awake!  We got ready and went and grabbed some oatmeal at Jamba Juice.

On the way to our corral we ran into John, our wedding photographer, and his family!  Always fun to see friends.


Rob was in corral B as they put all the fast boys in B so the first to cross the finish is definitely a woman.  I was actually in corral A (the only time I will ever be before Rob in corrals), but went back to B so we could run together.

First off were the wheelchair racers, than A and we were off after them!

IMG_6140 IMG_6139 IMG_6137

It was dark when we started, around 5:40am, but the sun rose quickly.  It was a little confusing to my brain because in the past Tinker Bell has been in January.  We run in the dark for a long time.  This time, being in May it was daylight super fast!  This wasn’t bad at all.  It wasn’t too hot and a lot of our pictures in the park came out really great because it was light outside!

The first 5 miles or so were around the park and then through California Adventure, then through Disneyland.  They had some great characters out, so we stopped for several.  The longest line we waited in was for Tinker Bell (of course).  I’m pretty sure we waited for about 5-7 minutes.  It was a good chunk of time.

IMG_6221 IMG_6167 IMG_6153 IMG_6141 IMG_6170 IMG_6224 IMG_6227 IMG_6145 IMG_6156 IMG_6173 IMG_6230 IMG_6231  IMG_6152 IMG_6150 IMG_6247 IMG_6163 IMG_6216

After we made our way through the parks we were out in Anaheim, through some really nice neighborhoods.

I actually prefer this course to Disneyland Half Marathon.  As much as I love running through Angels Stadium, the roads getting there are not the prettiest.  For Tink, we have some lovely neighborhoods and then through downtown.

Both Rob and I were pretty tired, so we kept a pretty easy, steady pace to finish off the race.  As we approached the finish line, I saw Minnie there and asked Rob to take a picture of me hi-fiving her…he got my hand….but it’s still cute!






After we finished, got our medals, both the Tink and the Coast to Coast from our Goofy race earlier in the year we headed back to the hotel to clean up and get to our Goofy’s Kitchen brunch!                                                     IMG_6193 IMG_6188 IMG_6192 IMG_6190 IMG_6184

After our brunch we headed to Trader Sam’s for our traditional post race drinks!


Then it was off to the airport.  Until September for the 10th Anniversary Disneyland Half Marathon.


Can’t wait!!

QOTD:  Did you do the Tink Half this year?  What were the highlights for you?