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It has been so long since I’ve posted…approximately 3 months…YIKES!  One big exciting thing that has happened, and basically changed my life, is Rob and I found out we were expecting a baby girl!  She will be making her debut in May.  YAY!



Now, we found out in August, so I was about 5 weeks along when I ran the Disneyland Half Marathon, which is why I took it super easy on that run.  Not that I had much choice.  One of the first things I noticed that seemed a bit off before I knew for sure I was pregnant was my running became way more labored.  I felt like I was running so fast and hard, only to look at my Garmin and notice I was going 2 minutes per mile slower than my average pace.  WHAT?!  That was when I knew something was up.

Going for a run in Chicago - 2 days before I found out I was for sure pregnant and thinking why it felt so hard to run!

Going for a run in Chicago – 2 days before I found out I was for sure pregnant and wondering why it felt so hard to run!

Running the Disneyland Half at 5 weeks - slow, but steady

Running the Disneyland Half at 5 weeks – slow, but steady

Now, I’m trying to balance my growing belly while still staying fit (or at least keep moving) and it’s not easy.

The first trimester I was nauseous – all three months.  Blerg.  I was able to get through the Disneyland Half and do some post half marathon runs, but it got very difficult.  Eventually, I just gave myself a break and reminded myself that I’m creating a human and stuff and that takes a toll on the body.

Finally, in the second trimester, I have gotten a little break from the nausea symptoms and have a little bit of energy back.

Once a week, I do strength training videos from Popsugar.com and prenatal yoga.  I go for walks and try and stay as active as possible.  I haven’t been running too much since my belly started bouncing, so I’ve kept it to a swift walk and sometimes jog.

IMG_9157 IMG_9389

I have the Star Wars Half Marathon coming up in about a month.  I’ll be 24 weeks along.  I’m planning on crossing the start line and seeing how far I can get…maybe even finish!  But I have decided not to put too much pressure on myself if I have to bow out before I get to the finish line.  I will be proud of myself for starting, but baby takes priority and if she doesn’t feel like continuing, I will listen to her.

This will be half marathon #22 for me, so not completing one out of 22 won’t be that bad.  Plus, I got a really cute shirt I want to wear for the race.  It’s all about the outfits really.

Can't wait to wear this!

Can’t wait to wear this!

I’m looking forward to my husband and my final trip to Disneyland as just a family of two.  I can’t wait to start seeing Disneyland through the eyes of our daughter and how she will take to the magic of the parks.  It’s such an exciting time and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.  Also, I need to register for a jogging stroller,  because she will be coming along with me when I can start running again!

QOTD: Have you every done a half marathon pregnant?  How did it go for you?